Vendor Spotlight: Artista Cakes

I am so excited to spotlight this month's SBE vendor, Artista Cakes. By the name it's not hard to guess that Artista Cakes specializes in delectable wedding cakes. For the past six years Serena (with the help of her husband, Sam) has worked diligently to create a business that delivers nothing but the best for her clients. The husband-wife duo brings their different backgrounds of sculpting and baking together to create unique masterpieces every time. The love these two pour into each cake stems from their own marriage and the joy they get out of working together. I like to think every wedding cake Sam and Serena create already has an existing love story behind it. How sweet is that?! Below you can read my interview with Serena:

What is the story behind Artista Cakes and how did it become established?
SO: I was really influenced by my grandmother. She helped raise me as a child and was the first person I knew to truly provide “farm to table” meals. When I was just six years old, she taught me the art of baking. She was a great example to me because she put so much of herself into her baked creations. To remember her and the inspiration she left me with, I keep a picture of her in my kitchen. When Sam and I decided to combine our artwork into a business back in 2008, I couldn't help but think of my grandmother and how proud of me she would be. 

What is Sam's background in sculpture and how does it help set Artista Cakes apart from other cake bakers and artists?
SO: Sam has a BSA in Fine Arts and a concentration in sculpture and studio sculpture. His skills are unmatched when it comes to designing the delicate armatures that ensure the cake is unique and stable. He is in the background a lot, but there is no way this business would survive without him. We make a pretty amazing team.
What is the meaning behind the name?
SO:  Artista is an Asturian, feminine word for artist. When I first heard it, I thought it was the perfect fit for me and the business. There’s no deeper meaning; I just love the beauty and simplicity behind it.

Other than cake, what else do you offer to your clients?
SO:  Oh lots of different things! We offer full dessert bars including tartlets, cookies, mini pies, mini cobblers, and cake pops. I love when brides decide to do a whole dessert display with these treats. It’s fun to pair these goodies with the cake to really create a stunning display for guests to enjoy all night long. 

What is a common trend in cakes right now?
SO: The past year and a half I have done countless "ruffled" cakes.  "Shabby Chic," "Ombre," and textured style cakes are also in right now. In planning the upcoming weddings for next year, I have found that more modern style cakes are desired. Square cakes are out and round cakes are definitely in. Cakes with clean lines as well as detailed sugar work (often inspired by the bridal gown), seem to be the trend for 2015.
Katy Cook Photography
Matt Yung Photography
What do you think of the latest trend with naked cakes?
SO:  I love naked cakes. I actually just created one for a photo shoot with Carolina Bride for their new book. It was an English fruit cake and turned out stunning. (pictured below)
Perry Vaile Photography
What keeps you going and keeps you inspired with your business?
SO: Keeping brides happy is what keeps me going. It’s as simple as that in my mind. All I have to do is think about my own daughter. I think about how I would want her to be treated on her wedding day and how happy I would want her to be. Having that image in my mind allows me to show every single one of my brides the amount of love, time, and sincere care I put into all of my cakes. I wouldn’t want anything less for my daughter, so I remember that all of my clients are someone’s daughter too.

What is in Artista Cakes’s Future?
SO:  We are just so excited for the 2015 wedding season. We have now been in business for six yearsso we are looking forward to another year of making brides’ dreams come true with our one-of-a-kind cakes. Bookings are happening left and right, so brides should contact us as soon as possible with their dates!

What advice do you have for brides?
SO: Wedding cakes are one of the most photographed elements of your wedding day. The cake itself may not last forever, but the photos do. Remember that baking a wedding cake is a large undertaking. Hire a professional. You may pay a little more in price, but the quality you receive will make every penny worth it.

Lastly, I have to ask…do you still eat cake?! And what's your favorite/most popular flavor?
SO: Yes, of course! My favorites are chocolate cake with salted caramel and spice cake. The Apple Hummingbird may be one of my most popular flavors because it always seems to be a crowd pleaser.

Serena and Sam live in Brevard, NC with their two beautiful children, Lydia and Liam. The SBE Team feels privileged to work with such wonderful people who are nothing but kind, passionate, and talented. Thank you, Serena for always delivering your best to our clients (and for bringing us the occasional cupcakes!). We truly can’t say enough wonderful things about you and your work! Here is a link to a quick time-lapse video showing Serena at work. We hope you enjoy! 

Additionally, if you would like to see more creations done by Artista Cakes (dessert displays, groom's cakes - even birthday cakes!) you can also visit their Facebook page. Serena and Sam, we wish you the best with the approaching 2015 wedding season!