Dressing for Your Wedding Day Runway

I love being inspired.  I have noble sources like southern, flowering trees and our old Appalachian mountains.  And then there are guilty pleasures, like celebrity magazines!  Following are dresses from the latter that I love.  I share these because they are exquisite, and should encourage us to look for wedding inspiration beyond bridal magazines alone. Some of these are not bridal in the traditional sense, but with a little color or hemline adjusting, they would be gorgeous on any bride. 

Not only is this ethereal and lovely, but how awesome is it that Kiera Knightley wore her wedding dress 2+ times more.  Look at the lace arms and neckline in the last image.

What a Grecian goddess Lupita Nyong’o makes!  This dress would be lovely in more traditional wedding colors; or for the rule-breaking type, a dreamy sky blue could be stunning. 

I love the sequins, sparkle, and variance of Blake Lively’s dress.  I also love how relaxed and carefree she seems.  I’m a believer in how you feel in a dress is as important as how the dress looks. 

The top lines and texture of this dress are exquisite and balance well with the simpler skirt shown here on Emma Watson. Maybe add a little bridal color with a longer skirt, or keep it as is for a bridesmaid. 

The draping and layers to Camila Alves’s dress make her look regal and timeless!    


A girl loves to sparkle. I love this gold, shimmering dress on Chrissy Teigen and as usual, Taylor looks dashing in a more neutral gold and silver dress. The two are nice examples of different cuts and hemming, but both are gorgeous in their own way. It's always best to choose a style that is fitting to you.  

Duchess Kate’s evening wedding dress is stunningly clean. Sometimes less is more! Everything is perfect about this look.

With Selena Gomez, again less is more.  The simplicity of her dress, the curve flattering cut, the color that makes her skin shine, all which make her look like a goddess.  Who doesn’t want to feel that way on wedding day (and every other day too!)?!

Whenever you're a little giddy or in awe, you are in a great place to day dream for wedding day (and life).  Share your images with us and we will help you bring beauty to your special day!    

To many happy, lovely brides and the dresses that make their inner and outer beauty shine. 

XO, Amy W.