Elegant Event Sitters: The Perfect Addition to Your Wedding!

Palettes of Perfection's vendor library contains such an incredible group of vendors! One of Shay Brown Events' many favorites is Elegant Event Sitters. Elegant Event Sitters offers brides and their guests a chance to enjoy themselves without keeping an eye on the kids or worrying about the sitter at home. Each mind will be at peace knowing the children are nearby, in a safe and fun environment.

So what's new with Elegant Event Sitters? Additional fun for the young ones and the new "Tween Lounge"!

They've revamped group child care with a brand new agenda. Kids' Reception now includes karaoke and puppet shows!

Is your little one not so little anymore? Elegant Event Sitters has just added on the option of a "Tween Lounge." The Lounge allows for your older children to enjoy activities more fitting to their age such as video games, crafts and games for their age group.

Elegant Event Sitters provides experienced childcare to put your mind at ease during your next event.

For contact information, visit Palettes of Perfection website or visit the brand new, just launched Elegant Event Sitters website.