Vendor Spotlight: Lashes & Lace

At Shay Brown Events we have the opportunity to work with several amazing vendors. The beauty and creativity of our weddings stem from the talent of the individuals involved in production. Sometimes these particular vendors are present for the whole event; but other times they are hiding behind the scenes, humbly working to ensure a perfect wedding day for our brides.

 I (Carmen) have the pleasure of knowing these individuals and seeing their work. I am aware of their value and their worth. However, often times they are never seen by guests; sometimes they are never even seen by the bride and groom. But they don’t work for recognition. They don’t work to be seen. They work because they are passionate about what they do and they are good at it. I however, want to put a spotlight on these amazing individuals. I want to share their work, so you, our clients, our friends, and our other vendors, can become aware of the talent that surrounds you when you work with SBE!

First, I have chosen to interview Haley Rhea with Lashes and Lace. The SBE Team has had the honor of getting to know Haley over the past year. Like the countless brides she has worked with, we have been able to witness her strong work ethic, her love for her job, and her ability to accentuate natural beauty. Below you can read our interview:

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How did Lashes and Lace get started? 
HR:  I started Lashes and Lace On-site Bridal Hair and Makeup because of my love for the glamour and excitement! I started doing bridal hair and makeup about three years ago and simply fell in love with it. On wedding day women can go all out and can enjoy being pampered by getting their hair and makeup done professionally. It's the day they should feel like a princess – and that's exactly how I try to make them feel. I also try to make things more convenient by being completely on site. This way, no one has to worry about planning around a salon appointment. I go to the location the bridal party is getting ready at. It’s one less thing to have to worry about on wedding day! 

Why is your job your passion?
HR:  I love what I do because I get to help people feel beautiful every day. I never feel like I'm actually going to work because I spend my day with so many lovely ladies. Doing bridal hair and makeup is definitely my passion; I love helping women feel gorgeous and special on their big day! I also love my job because I get to use my creativity with each and every formal hair style. They are all unique and specially created for the bride-to-be.

Is there anything trending in the hair/makeup world right now? If so, do you like it?
HR:  One major thing that is trending with formal hair right now is braids. I really do like them because they’re so simple and can add so much! Also, over the last few months I've had a lot more interest in airbrush makeup - it's really starting to catch on, which is great! The application creates an eighteen hour hold and is sweat and water proof! It also photographs really well with strip lashes. I highly recommend those to all of the brides who I work with.

What’s your favorite product to use on your brides?
HR:  My absolute favorite product line to use is Kenra. I use a thermal setting spray, which is a heat protectant that really helps the style/curl stay. I also love the hairspray; it's a strong hold without looking sticky…and it smells great, which is a plus! I have never tried anything from Kenra that I have not liked. 

Are there any major dos and don’ts you would advise brides to be aware of?
HR:  I would advise brides to always shampoo their hair the night before they will be getting it done. The style/curls stay better if the hair is not freshly washed. In addition, it's always good to have some pictures or ideas in mind of how they would like their hair and makeup to look. Lastly, I highly recommend brides wear false eyelashes; they really help your eyes pop in pictures! 

What’s your favorite moment on wedding day?
HR:  My favorite moment of a wedding day is definitely when I get the bride’s hair and makeup done and she looks in the mirror for the first time. There is that moment where she says, “Wow, this is really happening; I'm getting married!” Once the bride gets her hair and makeup done, everything starts coming together. It's so rewarding to see women feel gorgeous and have so much more confidence in themselves. I always say that every woman is already beautiful, I just accentuate it.

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I want to thank Haley for being a part of our first vendor spotlight. We wish her the best with the busy fall wedding season. We can’t wait to work with you again soon!