10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

The Shay Brown Events Team may be a little biased when it comes to this topic, but we truly have brides’ best interests at heart! Too many times have we seen the last-minute scramble take place because a bride realized shortly before her wedding day that she indeed needed a planner. Whether there was a disaster with one of the vendors, or a misunderstanding on which bridesmaid was to handle one of the planning tasks, there’s always one easy solution…hire a wedding planner. Here are ten reasons why:

1. Because we know how to take your vision and turn it into reality. One commonality we see in our brides is that they have a vision but don’t know what to do to bring it to life. They see it on Pinterest and in wedding magazines but have no idea how to have the look for their big day. Well, this is why wedding planners and designers exist. We have a “design eye.” We can look at pictures, customize the design to truly fit your style, and then produce it for your wedding. For us, it’s a piece. of. (wedding) cake.

2. Because we have connections. As wedding planners, we have a huge network of vendors. That means if we need to pull a few strings for your big day, we will. Last minute addition to your rental order? We’ll contact the most reputable rental company in driving distance. Want to use a talented, local photographer, but don’t know where to begin? We know just who to call. Want a unique, handmade guestbook (because you saw something similar on Pinterest!)? We've got just the vendor in mind! …You get the idea.

3. Because we’re organized. Being organized for wedding planning goes beyond a binder chalked full of ideas (or like one you've purchased at Barnes and Noble). It involves strategic communication methods, continued to-do lists, and the ability to juggle phone calls, emails, and contracts. And we can't forget one of our favorite planning tasks...compiling information for wedding day visions and Pinterest board ideas. Let me tell you, it takes some serious skill to handle all of it. Even our most detail-oriented brides have told us the best decision they ever made was hiring us as their planner.

4. Because of the stress-free day you’re guaranteed to enjoy. When you have a planner, you don’t have to worry about wedding day execution. We are the ones who make sure your cake is delivered, your officiant shows up on time, your flowers look just like they did in your proposal, etc. Additionally, we go above and beyond to pamper you on wedding day. Whether it’s bringing you a mimosa or warding off an unwanted family member, we've got your back.

5. Because planners actually know what they’re doing. It’s not just an interest of ours or something we think would be fun to do. We’re PROFESSIONALS. This is our full time job, not a hobby or part time job. When disaster strikes, we will undoubtedly be equipped to handle it. We've seen it all before, so what might seem like a mega problem to a bridesmaid or family member, will probably seem like a problem that’s easily fixable to us.

6. Because you'll get what you pay for. When the booking process starts, many brides question our pricing or want a discount on our package. We understand wanting to save some money, but keep in mind who you want to handle the biggest day of your life. SBE charges what we do because we are a legit, accredited business. Like any other business, we pay taxes and incur overhead costs from having an actual office for our clients to enjoy. Additionally SBE is insured! That's huge in the wedding industry. Also, like mentioned above, Shay, Amy, and Carmen all work full-time planning weddings (and overtime in wedding season!), plus we have other part-time employees and contractors working hard to make sure each wedding runs smoothly. So when you're deciding between planners based on price alone, keep in mind what kind of experience and service will be provided throughout the planning process. Wouldn't you want your special day handled by an established business that's been around for 14 years and has an experienced, multi-skilled staff?  

7. Because we really aren’t just for the rich and the famous. Some people think that only those with a hefty budget can afford a wedding planner. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Depending on your needs, we customize our packages just for you and your budget. If I haven’t convinced you yet, I can promise you that every penny is worth it. 

8. Because we know what a realistic budget is and how to help you stick to it. Speaking of a pretty penny…weddings can be expensive. They can be even more pricey if you don’t know how to spend your money. Brides often worry about being taken advantage of when planning their wedding. Good news is, if you hire a planner, we are constantly available for you to run things by us. We work with preferred vendors so we know who is the best of the best...and who best fits your budget. Additionally, we assist you in preparing and organizing a budget that is complete with industry averages. This way you can see how your personal budget compares. We're here to help keep you on track.

9. Because when you’re doing a destination wedding, you need someone who knows the area…and knows it well. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Wedding days have turned into wedding weekends. Couples are finding one day with their loved ones just isn't enough. This means there is more time for activities, site seeing, etc. Wedding planners can almost second as travel agents, giving you recommendations unique to your special day.  Whether it’s an outdoor activity, a nice place for dinner, or which hotels to stay in, planners can point you in the right direction, which it turn saves you a lot of time and energy.

10. Because you won’t regret it. Even though we deal with several brides each season, we seem to find a way to keep in touch with many of them. It may be years later, and we still find them raving about how hiring a planner is something they've never regretted. Now that they've had time to truly reflect. We consistently hear that the most important day of their lives was thoroughly organized and flawlessly executed. When we receive this feedback, we are motivated and inspired to continue offering an exceptional level of service to all our clients. 

We look forward to working with you on your wedding, design and ideas.  Let the SBE Team take care of you and become part of our family.  Please feel free to learn more about each of us here.

Sarah Whitmeyer Photography

Cheers to all our past, present, and future brides!