Grooms Guide to Wedding Prep

There are huge details that go into planning a wedding; the venue, your theme or color scheme, the music, the flowers… the list goes on. With so much going into planning such an important life event, the groom tends to leave getting ready until the last minute. It’s true, he has a lot less to think about than a bride does, but it’s his day too, so we’ve come up with a shortlist to make preparing for the wedding a breeze for him.

Prepping your skin
Just like styling your hair, your skin and facial hair shouldn’t be an afterthought and shouldn’t be much of a change from what you normally do. Regularly washing and moisturizing your face is enough to get healthy skin and keep any spots at bay. However, if you have problem areas, feel free to see a dermatologist at least a month before the wedding, and they can give you professional guidance on how to handle your breakouts.

When it comes to styling your facial hair, stick with your usual style. You will feel most comfortable and confident when you feel most like yourself, and facial hair can be a defining characteristic. If you rock a beard, make sure it’s trimmed and styled neatly. There’s a ton of products on the market to help you achieve a perfectly groomed beard or mustache. If you want to go for a clean-shaven look, ensure you’re using a new razor and quality shaving products. This way, you will get a soft face that’s free of nicks and bumps.

Getting fit
This is definitely not a detail you can leave for the last minute. If you and your fiancé are looking to get fit, slim down, or tone up for the wedding, then planning in advance is a must! There are so many tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated to exercise so you can look and feel your best.
First, get a partner; if your fiancé isn’t looking to hit the gym or you’re on different schedules, grab a friend or co-worker that’s willing to get fit with you. Exercising with a friend will make the 30-60 minutes fly by. Or, if lifting weights or running on a treadmill isn’t your thing, get your friends to play some sports together. The options are endless here – play basketball, go to the skate-park, run outside. Be active while doing something you love and it will not feel like a workout! Finally, if you would prefer to crush your goals on your own, download a personal training app like Stronglifts or Noom to help track your lifting and cardio progress.
 Bonus tip: Create monthly or weekly goals for yourself, being able to check things off a list on a regular basis is a sure way to keep you motivated! 

Styling your hair
Luckily, as a groom, you don’t have to decide if you want to wear your hair up or down, straight or curly, it’s a much more simple. And that’s the best way to keep it – simple. Before your wedding, you don’t want to switch up your signature look to much. However, you can still go to your trusted barber a few days before the wedding for a clean-up on your cut, and get some tips from a professional on the best way to style the look. Doing so will ensure you have a style that makes you look best and showcases your personality.
If you are going to try any new products, make sure you purchase either salon-rated brands or ones that don’t have any harsh ingredients to avoid any rashes or irritation for your wedding.  It’s fine to stick with what you know and love, but it’s also great to try out the new products that are best for your hair type.
Worrying about how you look for your wedding is important, but with everything else that’s involved with wedding planning, it’s best to keep it simple. With these three quick tips on what to focus on when it comes to your wedding day look, you can be carefree on your special day and focus on having fun.