10 Most Asked Questions - AMT!

Top 10 Most Asked Questions when booking an event here at the Asheville Masonic Temple!

- Photo by Fete Photography -

       1.  Can I bring in my own alcohol?

You certainly can! You will just need to provide a certified Bartender along with an ALE Permit if you are serving liquor.

       2. Do I have to be a Mason to have my event at AMT?

We do love our Masons and a discount is provided if you are a mason, but you do not need to be a mason to host an event here at The Asheville Masonic Temple!

       3. Do I have to rent out the Whole Building or can I just rent one space?

You can do both! We do have a Whole building rental rate along with specific areas or floor rates.

       4. Do you have an in-house caterer?

We do not, which allows you to bring in what type of food you truly envision for your event. We have a great Preferred Vendors List of Caterers we work with, but you also can bring in whoever you would like.

       5. Can you help us with décor for our event?

We love to help set up and provide décor for your event. We have an in-house selection of beautiful décor items from Cylinders, Lanterns to Arbors and Chalkboards for rent.

       6. Are our backdrops in the Theater Space always down?

YES! We love our 52 different historic backdrops made in 1915. You can, of course, raise them up as we have a Black Box of draping where you could create your own vision, but we also love to leave our backdrops down to set the perfect feel for your event.

       7. Can you hang décor in the Great Room?

Yes! We have nails already in place for all your draping and lighting needs. We do have gorgeous Edison Lights that we can hang as well.

       8. Do you allow Theater Performances?

We love to have Theater Groups in the space and have a discounted rate for these performances.

       9. Can we host our Ceremony and Reception at AMT?

Absolutely, we have a few different options for both. Our most popular is to host the Ceremony in our Theater, Cocktail Hour in our Noble Room and Balcony, and Reception in our Great Room. We can also do Ceremonies in our Great Room and flip the room for a Reception. If you are interested in a cocktail style Reception we can certainly use our Noble Room for that as well.

       10. How many hours can I rent the space?

Our Rental is an 8-hour Building Rental from either 7am-2pm or 3pm-11pm. We can also add on additional hours before or after the event. 

- Photo by Kelly Harmon - 

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