The Magic in the Details

The Magic in the Details 

Featuring Jessie & Bryan

What a beautiful wedding Jessie and Bryan had. From the historic building to the smiling and giddy wedding guests, what can I say? I had a great time at their wedding, and I was working it! This past week I’ve been looking through their wedding photos and their so much to smile and admire. It honestly turned out to be the dream wedding here at the Asheville Masonic Temple. AMT is a historic Masonic Temple, where the views are limitless and the character is impeccable! From the vintage theater backdrops to the columns on the balcony, it’s quite the looker. 

With this type of space, you really want its authentic beauty to shine rather than masking it with unneeded dĂ©cor. Now, I’m fairly new to the Shay Brown Events team and working at the Asheville Masonic temple, but I believe Jessie and Bryan hit it right on the money with decorating the ceremony and reception space. In the theater, where the ceremony took place, we have a backdrop that everyone loves to use. We call it the “Forrest Backdrop”. It’s a beautifully crafted vintage backdrop that makes it look like you’re in an enchanted forest. Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, they didn’t use that one. Don’t be disappointed though, because the one they did choose fit their theme to the T and I think enhanced their whole ceremony experience. This backdrop was enchanting. It was like a castle in the forest. It incorporated blues and greens, with hills rolling in the backdrop… what an amazing backdrop to have! Also, me being the color visual person that I am, the color of the backdrop made the bridesmaids dresses pop! Take a look below to see what I’m talking about. 

The last thing that I just can’t get over about their ceremony space, is that Jessie incorporated these greener pieces to hang over the edge of the balcony from the fourth floor to really keep the enchanted castle feel in the midst of the guest seating. It was pure magic. I can’t rave enough about it as you can tell.

Now, enough about the theater, lets brag about the rest of their wedding. The guests and wedding party were such a fun bunch. There was so much love in the air that you could reach out and almost touch it yourself.  That’s what I love most about working weddings like these. You can cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s, but in the end, the details don’t really matter (even though they’re my favorite part), because when you can see the obvious amount of love for the happy couple getting married it all blurs together. Enjoy the enchanting photos below and get some inspiration for yourself! Your imagination is endless and with the right people to put together your wedding - hint hint- it could be a spectacular event.

                                                                                     XOXO - Luz, SBE Team

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